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One of my new goals is to collect all of his short stories. The Last Unicorn is good, but in my opinion, he writes the best fantasy short stories there are.

This painting is based on a story called "Chandail" from the collection We Never Talk About my Brother.

I love the character, Lalkhamsin-khamsolal who calls herself Lal. She has been a slave, a swordswoman, a sorcerer, and a storyteller. You can read about her in The Innkeeper's Song as well. In this story she tells a tale about her encounters with chandail, strange sea creatures who can manipulate the memories of humans. I love the story because it is about a true alien being, how humans misunderstand them and how one human and one chandail come to understand a little more about one another.

Chandail by cirruscastle on DeviantArt
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So, all of these images I have posted so far pretty much exist outside of the actual words of the poem I am illustrating.I think it's necessary to really tell a story. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing.

I have to start thinking of my next project. I like the way this project is going - it gives me a lot to work on. I am just about to get into the more difficult parts though. These parts involve close-ups of people's heads, which can be tricky, in my opinion, but also horses. Lots of horses. I am not very good with horses. We'll see how agonizing this becomes.

From The Fairy Child
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This painting is based on the novel, Black Unicorn, by Tanith Lee. The painting depicts a scene with the the protagonist's mother, the sorceress Jaive. It also contains the ominous black unicorn of the title. I was careful with my masking fluid and I am pleased with the effect. This is good, seeing as how an earlier attempt at the same character totally flopped. I still want to get me some gouache though. That dress was a nightmare and there has to be A Better Way.


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The lovely Yatii posted this wonderful slideshow of a mural painted by Quentin Blake at Cambridge University to celebrate its 800th anniversary. It's a slideshow with audio of the artist explaining his work. It's a lovely thing! Watch it. I loved how he said that he didn't find his wonderfully unique style of painting, it found him.

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