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I had a lot of fun.

The players seemed to enjoy combat more than anything else, but next time I am going to try to give them some puzzles to solve.

Th highlight of the evening was probably the fight with the injured blue dragon. Two of the characters were downed and had to made death saves. The players are uncomfortable being left to interact among themselves, but they've never done this before.

I need to look into to dual-classing, as Riswynn is very eager to be a bard/ranger.

Next session is going to be the Bacon show, because he rolled 2 icon relationships! The pre-made campaign Blood and Lightning starts the characters off in a very dangerous part of the world - sandwiched between Drakkenhall and the Court of Stars. I decided to send the characters to Drakkenhall, but I am unsure about this. I suppose, I could have sent them to one of the small settlements nearby and made a whole town up myself, but I feel a little hesitant to do that yet!

So Drakkenhall it is. Thanks to Bacon's rolls he will have the help of the Blue's agents to navigate the city. Hopefully this is enough to keep them out of trouble before I can send them off somewhere a bit less intense. Riswynn's continued Dwarf King icon rolls could help with this. I have no imminent plans for the Dwarf King.

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Tonight should be the first night of actual roleplaying in the 13th Age campaign I am going to GM. I am nervous and excited. I really hope the players like it. They're all new so I feel some pressure to get them hooked off the get-go so they keep wanting to play. Wish me luck!
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Tonight my sister and her husband are rolling their characters. After that I can start planning their campaign a little bit. I really want not to go overboard planning things, so I will probably just come up with ideas for their relationship dice rolls at the beginning of the first session and a few story hooks to get them headed out into the world after we get through the pre-planned adventure that comes with the core rulebook.

If anyone is interested in The 13th Age as a tabletop RPG, then check out this campaign GMed by Grimith: 13th Age: Grimith Takes on Europe. He's an amazing storyteller. I chose this system, because I had heard someone else using it as a tool to create a more story-focused game. Combat is fun, but I am not as interested in a game that is just based on characters bashing their way through hoards of monsters. 13th Age promises to be a bit less rule intensive as well.

I certainly won't be recording our sessions, but I might very well describe them here - it will probably be more notes for myself as I try GMing for the very first time and describe my successes and failures.

Also, here's a drawing I made of my youngest sister's ranger character, Adina

Adina by cirruscastle on DeviantArt

13th Age

Aug. 6th, 2015 05:03 pm
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Well, I decided to man up and become the GM for a tabletop RPG campaign. I know nothing, but I am learning.

So far, I got my sister and my husband to roll their characters and we did a little mini encounter with lizardmen.

We are going to be using 13th Age. It seems more forgiving than D&D and to be more focused on storytelling than just battles, which is what I am interested in.

So, next up my other sister and her husband are coming over to roll characters. Then we will be doing the small pre-made campaign that came with the core book. It seems pretty fun and I look forward to it. I really love the magical artifacts in this game and how they come with 'quirks' that affect the PCs. I don't like some of the quirks themselves, but those should be easy enough to change.

Wish me luck, all. I will NEED it!

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