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My brother got me As You Wish for my birthday. I don't know if you know this about me, but The Princess Bride is my favourite movie of all time. I really enjoyed the book (even though I am not saying it is a masterpiece of writing or anything).

My favourite characters are Inigo, Fezzik, and Vizzini. This is the tiniest little fanfiction ever. It is set after the end of the novel, when Inigo is getting ready to take over as the next Dread Pirate Roberts. What I would like to have written is an epic adventure with Fezzik and Inigo pirating away all over, but I don't really write much anymore, so I doubt it will ever happen, but here is the tiny little snippet I managed to write. Read more... )
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More Diana Wynne Jones recommendations!

Chrestomanci is a powerful wizard with nine lives who is in charge of the magic of multiple universes that overlap one another. In other words, it's a title for a position that you can only be born into and the Chrestomanci also always has to be on the lookout for his successor so he can be trained up properly to the position. This is because it's not a condition that is passed on through one family. The current Chrestomanci is named Christopher Chant and he is definitely a bit arrogant, a bit vague and has a penchant for wearing colourful dressing gowns at all hours of the day.

Here are some stories set in this universe that I would like to recommend:

La Familia by by sesame_seed: In this story, Christopher's wife, Millie becomes very ill and no one's magic seems to be able to cure it. But something must be done and quickly, because the castle is falling apart without her.

Snowfall by Minutia_R: Millie has longed to go to boarding school for a very long time, because she's read some amazing stories about the experience. Maybe the stories don't quite live up to the reality, though.
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I love Diana Wynne Jones' books so much. She was such an original thinker. Right now I am reading The Ogre Downstairs to my husband. Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favourite books as well. I've been reading some stories and I'd like to recommend some fanfiction to you:

Playing with Fire by Spicydiamond:
It's a story about Calcifer, everyone's favourite grumpy fire demon. In this one he is grudgingly babysitting, of all things, but he doesn't like it one bit (or does he?).

Natural by Minutia_R: The title says it all here. Howl and Sophie have a long discussion about his natural hair colour.

Dealing with Dragons by Flamebyrd: Howl gets in hot water with a dragon and Sophie goes to his rescue.
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I just read a lovely fanfic called Around the World by author Reapingfolk

This story is told from Son Rui's perspective, which I thought was a refreshing change and added depth to the simple tale. I liked the way the author captured Rui's personality and also, especially, the way she wrote Chiaki. She managed to portray his inability to completely hide his feelings for Nodame behind his tough exterior.
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I just wanted to recommend this story, A Single Red Flower by Erica Friedman. It takes place during the Festa del Boccolo, when a red rosebud is given to your beloved. The story is about the friendship and admiration between Akira and Alicia.

I wish more people wrote stories for this anime! It's full of so many excellent relationships between women.

I also want to recommend, by the same author, this Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Yokohama Shopping Trip)story, In Your Eyes. Yokohama Shopping Trip is a getle post-apolocalyptic manga and anime where the worl goes out not with a bang, but a whimper, or more accurately, a gentle easy sigh. Alpha is an android who owns a small cafe. In this story, her relationship with another android named Kokone is explored.

In both cases, the author is able to capture the gentle easy pace of the original material.

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