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This is fanart of Patricia McKillip's novel, The Changeling Sea. It's quite a short little story, but I really enjoy it because of all of the fairy tale type elements in it.

The Changeling Sea


Feb. 9th, 2017 08:16 pm
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Guys, this game is really cute. Oneshot is the story of a little kitty person named Niko. She is really well written as an actual child. She finds herself in a strange world, bearing their 'Sun,' which is actually a lightbulb. She is prophesied to save this world - or, is she? In the end it isn't a story about saving the world. It's about all of the individuals Niko meets and how she interacts with them.

I drew some fanart for the game and then a few days later, my little sister made me fanart for my birthday!

This is my sister's art. It's of Niko riding a Roomba!

Niko on a Roomba

This is my fanart. It's of Niko and a plant-girl named Maize

Not Afraid Anymore
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So lately I've fallen in love with plain old pencil art. Some part of me feels like it's inferior to other sorts of art though. Help talk me out of it!

It's just I have so much more control with a pencil than I do with paint. I am also trying to get back into oil painting (with so far little success) because I know it's less chancy than my usual watercolour. It's just so much more expensive in supplies.

Well, I have purchased some nicer drawing paper and some matte fixative anyway.

Here are some of my new drawings behind the cut.Read more... )
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One of my new goals is to collect all of his short stories. The Last Unicorn is good, but in my opinion, he writes the best fantasy short stories there are.

This painting is based on a story called "Chandail" from the collection We Never Talk About my Brother.

I love the character, Lalkhamsin-khamsolal who calls herself Lal. She has been a slave, a swordswoman, a sorcerer, and a storyteller. You can read about her in The Innkeeper's Song as well. In this story she tells a tale about her encounters with chandail, strange sea creatures who can manipulate the memories of humans. I love the story because it is about a true alien being, how humans misunderstand them and how one human and one chandail come to understand a little more about one another.

Chandail by cirruscastle on DeviantArt
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I loved this movie as a kid and now I also love this book. I was just re-reading it a little while back when I came to this part where Shmendrick and the unicorn are just travelling together at sunset (just loaned my book, so I don't have the exact quote for now). Anyway, that's why I wanted to paint this.

Last Unicorn by *marybethcragg on deviantART

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