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My artwork was featured in this blog on Studiovox.

It has some other nice artwork and has led to me following some new artists on DeviantART. So if you like fairy tale art you should give it a look-see.
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Read The Dauntless Girl by Petra McQueen at Cabinet des Fees. This is an excellent short story about Tully Meadows, who's afeared of nothing alive nor dead! This fairy tale reminds me of all of those tales about clever girls who beat all the odds. It's a great little tale.
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Check out this short prequel to The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making at The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland -- For a Little While

I really enjoy Valente's whimsical writing in these tales. Here she takes her whimsy and love of words to their outer limits and creates a rollicking tale that has a lot in common with Alice in Wonderland.

Mallow is a practical young lady and she doesn't take any guff:

Mallow knew better than to get into a strange carriage with a strange man who might or might not love thievery better than his own mother, but no other seemed forthcoming, and attendance was, after all, mandatory. She felt that if she had to, she could thump this skinny fellow solidly, get out, and walk the rest of the way if the whole business became entirely too winning.

Valente catalogues all of the wonders of Fairyland in a jumbling list of odd and interesting things, like when she describes Pandemonium, the capital of Fairyland:

But the sky shone glassy and gleaming on the day Mabry Muscat and Mallow rode into the capital, quite late, having started so far away. Only two days remained till Applemas and the Tithe. The Carriageless Horse clopped over a charming ivory bridge spanning the spinning Barleybroom River which surrounds the city, pointing and marveling and grinning wide-eyed at the great number of creatures flying, swimming, riding, striding, and leaping across to Pandemonium. Overhead, a huge, motley-colored, silk-ballooned zeppelin drifted majestically over the river. From a hanging basket beneath it, an Ifrit girl with burning hair played a fiery and furious mandolin. Music came from all corners, barghests squeezing accordions, satyrs blowing pipes, and drums everywhere, pounded, tapped, rat-a-tatted, and booming out across the plain where Pandemonium had come to rest, chained to the earth with long bronze links.

Go, check it out. It's a nice little story and you won't regret it.

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