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In the story, About Fairies by Pat Murphy, fairies are a little bit sinister and a little bit strange. They're urban fairies, living on the fringes, scraping an existence from mice and frogs.
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Two painting based on The Stolen Child, by Yeats.

My concept here is what if faeries stole human 'children' away when they were young and sometimes also when they were very old. I imagine to a fairy, any human counts as a child. Perhaps this is even the same person in both images.

The Stolen Child by *marybethcragg on deviantART

Stolen Child II by *marybethcragg on deviantART
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The Dancing Tree by *marybethcragg on deviantART

This one didn't turn out just how I wanted it. It's too bright and pastel coloured. Anyway, it worked out better than I thought it would all things considered. I do like that enormous tree though.
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Another blog I really love to read is called The Faery Folklorist. The Folklorist travels all over the United Kingdom to the places where stories have been told about sightings of faeries and other tricky figures of folklore. Then she tells the wonderful stories with beautiful pictures of those places. She must be an excellent photographer, because every one of the places she travels to really looks magical.

Just recently she told the story of an eerie loch haunted by a kelpie.

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