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 These new oil pastels are so amazing. They're so soft and smooth! They're so expensive . . .

Sunset Beach
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I was listening to this amazing thing yesterday and it inspired me to want to draw sorceresses from Final Fantasy VIII.

I have probably never said, but I think their over-the-top designs are pretty fabulous. Edea is actually probably the most subdued of all of the sorceresses. But I really love her. I remember watching that opening scene in the game and wondering who she was. Have I mentioned that FFVIII's opening sequence is likely still the best I have ever seen in a game, in my opinion?

Sorceress Edea by cirruscastle on DeviantArt
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I may have started playing WoW again?

My husband bought a Vial of the Sands and now he is my mount all over Azeroth.

I thought it would be funny if my nature loving nightelf priest made a chain of peacebloom to crown him with and took him for joyrides.

Vial of the Sands by cirruscastle on DeviantArt
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Tonight my sister and her husband are rolling their characters. After that I can start planning their campaign a little bit. I really want not to go overboard planning things, so I will probably just come up with ideas for their relationship dice rolls at the beginning of the first session and a few story hooks to get them headed out into the world after we get through the pre-planned adventure that comes with the core rulebook.

If anyone is interested in The 13th Age as a tabletop RPG, then check out this campaign GMed by Grimith: 13th Age: Grimith Takes on Europe. He's an amazing storyteller. I chose this system, because I had heard someone else using it as a tool to create a more story-focused game. Combat is fun, but I am not as interested in a game that is just based on characters bashing their way through hoards of monsters. 13th Age promises to be a bit less rule intensive as well.

I certainly won't be recording our sessions, but I might very well describe them here - it will probably be more notes for myself as I try GMing for the very first time and describe my successes and failures.

Also, here's a drawing I made of my youngest sister's ranger character, Adina

Adina by cirruscastle on DeviantArt


May. 4th, 2015 07:02 pm
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New character. I based this one off of two male characters named Cyan: Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy VI and Cyan Dag from Patricia Mc Killip's novel, The Tower at Stony Wood. Both of them are honourable, valorous knights, and I've used this name for many of my video game characters. If I was going to make her into a D&D character, this is how I would draw her.

Cyan by cirruscastle on DeviantArt

I've been fiddling with Photoshop Elements, but I don't know what I think about this final result. It's better than the gray mess I get from the camera itself, but so many details are missing. If anyone has any advice for me regarding pencil drawings, I would be happy to hear it.
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Have a mentioned a charming little game called Dragonsphere? I think so. It is free to download from GOG.

Here is a little (poorly photographed) sketch of a character from the game who I am a little obsessed with. Her name is Llanie de Summers.

I think she's a great character - very plucky and sassy. I also love her very 90s style fantasy garb.

Llanie de Summers by cirruscastle on DeviantArt

Goals 2

Jul. 25th, 2010 10:21 am
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So here's how I did so far - failed to draw on day 2. Ha ha! Well, my sister was visiting and we did work on some art the very next day (unrelated to my themes).

So sketch # 1 is for the prompt "beyond."


Yup, that's Eiko hang-gliding with her moogles. It's supposed to be Madain Sari below, but it's not finished.

And my sister and I worked on dragons together.

Cut for larger
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He's a little dragon, with little treasures.

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