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I am nostalgic about Advent Calendars because my grandpa used to get us one every year when we were kids. This Pinterest Advent Calendar is not the same, but it seems fun. It pairs an artwork with a chocolate to count down the days to Christmas. The only disadvantage is that it's just a picture of a chocolate. Then again, it might not be so much of a disadvantage after all.
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Do you remember the recipe for Crunchy Frogs at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories? Well, I did my own experiment with crunchy frogs today. I added a little twist to the recipe by using frog molds.

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I had some set-backs and there are some deformed frogs in the batch I made. Those molds I used were pretty huge - about three inches long, so I tried to pop some froggies out before they were solid through. I also have issues with the frogs melting as soon as I handle them even a little (apparently this can only be fixed by tempering, which is scary). It's pretty hot today though. They really weren't lying about the Pop Rocks still packing a punch even though they crackle a lot in the warm chocolate. I tried a frog and I think the effect on my unsuspecting brother is going to be a bit of a riot.

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