Jan. 4th, 2014 10:22 pm
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My goals this year are to make more art.

I currently have an illustration of The Tempest and a hand-drawn copy of Thorin's map from The Hobbit (to go on my wall) on the go.

I want to do more little pieces of art this year to keep my hand in. I am thinking that trying to do character studies of different characters from books and things that I like would be my best bet. I love to draw people. I need a lot of practice at it still and it isn't too terribly involved for me to work on over a few days.

A small watercolour of mine takes upwards of 12 hours to make, so it can be hard to stick with it and a drain on my energy if I am in the midst of work.

I hesitate to set a number of drawings of anything like that because in the past it's been a complete failure and made me feel ashamed, so I guess I will just make it a point to check in monthly or bi-monthly here and maybe on Tumblr with sketches.

Character Sketches
If you had any character sketch requests I would be happy to consider them if you leave them in the comments(not making any promises, clearly, because I am worried about my ability to follow through on this at all). All I'd need is some information on the character's physical appearance and maybe a little background in case I want to add some context to the image. You could include a reference pic if you like.
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And, I swear, I don't feel that bad. In fact, I feel all the better for having thought of something creative, really and I suppose it contradicts the very thing I am writing, about, but this is what came out of me between exercising, washing dishes and making lunches for work. While I was exercising I happened to glance over at my still in progress green man painting and, ugh. I just feel rotten that I'd been working on it so long with so little progress, but it's not like I've given up on it though, which is a step forward for me. So, seriously, don't feel bad for me or anything. I promise, I am fine and I actually feel kind of good now. It's been eons since I wrote a poem, of all things. Shane just read it. How embarrassing. :P

There is a time when the soul feels drained to its dregs
Like the last charge has bled out of the battery
Like the sickening flicker of an incipient brownout
And then a sinister thing occurs—the brain
Lurches forward
With a gentle grinding of gears
And the truth of the matter is revealed:
The body goes through the motions.
It performs every last task,
Though the soul may hang, horrified
As on a gibbet, observing,
The body does what is required:
Every last quotidian article
Of the old routine.
Look here, the body is
A small tin wind up toy
And it will jerk and twitch
And carry out its habitual
Responsibilities, irregardless
Until, with a final delicate shudder
It collapses into bed.
That is not the final horror,
But this—What if, finally, the soul
Becomes wrung out entirely?
What if every last drop of passion
Finally evaporates?
What, then, will be left,
But an eyeless burrowing
Worm of apathy.
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Some pictures I took on our Father's Day picnic:

picture 003

Some unfortunate fish I found, but they look pretty now.

picture 005

picture 015

After several tries capturing other butterflies, I found this one. This butterfly was clearly hungry enough to ignore my lumbering camera-work.

picture 014

picture 006

Someone else built this driftwood structure. I wonder what it means.

picture 009
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the stationary bicycle has nothing on jogging. Did 5 k today with two 3 minute breaks. I will have to probably do much less on weekdays, because I really hate doing it in the evening for starters. Everyone is a comedian when your face is beet red and you're super sweaty. Today some dude walking his dog urged me to keep it up. I just said thanks.
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Okay, so I take it back. The story gets much better by even the end of the first 'chapter' once you've taken the journey to the Deeproads.

The characters definitely have a chance to shine as time go on, even though you now have to go visit them at their homes to speak with them. I still think that's silly. Who that you know insists on only talking to you about serious things at home.

My only other disappointment is that there are so few settings in the game. There's Kirkwall and a few outlying areas (Sunderland, Bone Pits, Wounded Coast) and then The Deeproads and . . . that's it. There isn't anything else. I mean, it's not like any of the areas in the old game were all that vast. Every town you went to was comprised of a few slightly maze-like paths. It definitely was never any sort of sandbox game, but I'm a little annoyed that this one is *so* bounded in space. Probably they'll come out with expansions in new areas or something (which I won't buy unless they're omg amazing).

The whole experience is kind of making me want to reinstall Dragon Age: Origins! Heh.

Oh man

Oct. 16th, 2008 10:06 pm
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I think I just ushered myself into the world of making stuffed toys . . . Wish me luck.


May. 27th, 2008 04:54 pm
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Here is a map from a blog named Strange Maps, which shows where in the world gnomes reside. Strange Maps is an awesome blog which features exactly what its title suggests, unusual maps of all shapes and sizes.

This map also reminds me of this crazy, but spooky animated short by Graham Annable called, The Hidden People. I suggest you don't watch it if you're planning a camping trip any time soon, especially if you happen to have a charming little yellow dog.
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Paleo-Future is such a fun blog. It chronicles those predictions we make about the future that didn't come true. For instance, the idea that in the year 2000, children won't attend school until they're 10 years old. Well, that certainly didn't happen.

Then again, this print from 1910 of a school in the year 2000 sort of appeals to me. Yes, just throw some books in a contraption and watch as the students absorb it through some sort of headset. But what becomes of the boy turning the crank to operate the machine I wonder.

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