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I just wanted to recommend this story, A Single Red Flower by Erica Friedman. It takes place during the Festa del Boccolo, when a red rosebud is given to your beloved. The story is about the friendship and admiration between Akira and Alicia.

I wish more people wrote stories for this anime! It's full of so many excellent relationships between women.

I also want to recommend, by the same author, this Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Yokohama Shopping Trip)story, In Your Eyes. Yokohama Shopping Trip is a getle post-apolocalyptic manga and anime where the worl goes out not with a bang, but a whimper, or more accurately, a gentle easy sigh. Alpha is an android who owns a small cafe. In this story, her relationship with another android named Kokone is explored.

In both cases, the author is able to capture the gentle easy pace of the original material.


May. 11th, 2009 10:01 pm
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The best thing about Aria is the wonderful relationships between the various women the show revolves around. I'm not sure why all gondoliers on Aqua happen to be women, but this detail makes for beautiful relationships of teacher and student between the Undines and their trainees.

Seriously, there are so many things I love about the shows. The way they show a continuity in the tradition of teaching new gondoliers. There is a such a lovely symmetry to the show because it begins with Akari arriving on Aqua to begin her training and it ends with Akari accepting a new student who she already has a special relationship with.

Every time I watch the show I discover a new treasure I hadn't seen before. Today it was Akari's eternal optimism. Not matter how sad the circumstances, she is not only able to carry on, but to carry on with a smile directed toward a hopeful future.

If anyone else ever decides to watch this or read the manga you will tell me, right?

Also, for anyone interested in the sweet possibilities of innuendo in an all girl profession, there are many possibilities.

*happy sigh*


Nov. 23rd, 2008 09:28 pm
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So I've slowly watched, ARIA over the course of a week or two and it's so relaxing. It's about a new planet called Aqua, created by changing the surface of the planet Mars. The story takes place in Neo-Venezia, a city full of canals, like its namesake. The story follows several girls who are learning to become gondoliers. As the city largely caters to tourists, this is a very important industry. The world that Kozue Amano created is the most captivating feature of this anime. Aqua is a true Utopia. If you ever need a deeply relaxing escape, I recommend you watch it.


Everything about it is absolutely sweet, the girls training to be undines (gondoliers, tour-guides, and singers, it seems) are sweet, the theme is gentle and calm. The entire story is even narrated as a series of emails from Akari, an undine in training, to Ai, an adorable little girl she meets at the beginning of the series. They correspond, in poetic language, throughout the course of the show. The biggest worry of the girls is how well they are absorbing their training and whether or not they will be able to become full-fledged undines and how soon.

Aria characters

Some of the most exciting events in the series are a few gentle trips into the past, taken by Akari, where she mostly witnesses events in the history of the planet she is learning to love (she's only lived there for a year and a half).

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