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It's time for our regular reccer recruiting post, and to look ahead to the next month. So far we have ONE volunteer reccer who signed up for October with this fandom:

* Tolkien ([personal profile] turlough)

So while we already have some recs to look forward to in October, it would of course be awesome if we had more recs. There is still plenty of opportunity for you to jump in and volunteer to rec next month (or to convince your friends to do some reccing). And many cheers for all of our members who volunteer to rec, especially if you rec regularly. Your valiant repeat efforts keep the comm alive.

Looking even further ahead so far NO reccers have volunteered for November, so that month definitely still needs some love (and recs! *g*) too. So please consider reccing in a fandom of your choice, whether small or huge, and comment on the sign-up post and volunteer for October, November or even further ahead if you are so well organized, that you know your fannish interests and time commitments in advance. It's only four recs as a minimum, and you can rec any genre or rating. Or promote us to your friends or in your favorite communities so others do the work.

Open Rec Posting

The monthly open reccing period for all members starts now and lasts until the end of September. If you are looking for something to inspire you, the prompt for this week is "space opera", but that's totally optional for the recs. However they do still have to conform to the usual rec format and follow the rules for what is allowed to be recced here.

(Comments here are disabled, because I want to bundle volunteering in the sign-up post so that nothing gets lost, and you can see the list of claimed slots there too.)
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Fandom: American Gods
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Shadow, Wednesday, Chernobog, Mr Nancy, Horus, Bast, various other characters
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: snowapples on DA
Why this piece is awesome: This a brilliant illustration of the book done for an art school final project. It's probably the closest version of Shadow to my head-canon, and I love the style and the coloring and shading. Really breathtaking work. 
Link: American Gods project and The same folder with slightly different works on DA

OTW Finance: 2016 Budget Update

Sep. 24th, 2016 11:28 am
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OTW's Finance Committee provides an update on our 2016 budget, and schedules a chat for October 2 to answer your questions: https://goo.gl/iDUipZ

Email, email, email

Sep. 23rd, 2016 04:56 pm
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My care2 account is being shut down as of October 1st. If you need to email me, please do so on my gmail account!

(12 years worth of emails, and this was my mostly fannish email account for many, many years. ;_____; I can at least import most of the incoming emails to gmail, but I think the sent items are all pretty much gone. Not to mention, I've been updating and updating and updating various places where I signed up, but who knows what I've missed. Kind of sad seeing all the places that no longer exist though. ;___; )

Cheaty Dog! by MisterLIAR (SFW)

Sep. 22nd, 2016 04:13 pm
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Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Eggsy, Harry & JB
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital drawing
Artist Website/Gallery: [deviantart.com profile] MisterLIAR

Why this piece is awesome: This is a nice meet-cute AU 101 Dalmatians style. Love it!

Link: Cheaty Dog! by MisterLIAR

This Week in Fandom, Volume 25

Sep. 20th, 2016 10:11 am
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banner by catie of a person half in cosplay
This week in fandom, we're talking about representation in Overwatch, the women who love Star Trek, and Leslie Jones's contagious joy! https://goo.gl/OT1XOf
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Fandom: American Gods
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Shadow, Wednesday
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a 
Artist Website/Gallery: On DA
Why this piece is awesome: a nicely dramatic work with great use of light and dark, and contrasting colours. I think the figures might be slightly influenced by the movie's casting, but that may be my imagination - I prefer a more native American-looking Shadow, but I still like the overall effect here. Love the typical small town America background. 
Link: Artwork is here

Open Doors Celebration Transcript

Sep. 19th, 2016 11:02 am
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Spotlight on Open Doors

Nancy D.

“In our Star Trek Collection we have a piece of rice with the Enterprise painted on it. I can’t imagine doing that, but it’s great. Also we just received a collection of slash zines—Star Trek mostly—all written by one woman. Her daughter never realized she had written them until after she had died. And they are annotated with her comments on other stories.”

Pete B

“This year has been wonderful with a constant flow of undergrads and grad students coming to see “OTW” collections. Fanzines and fan fic are HOT! I’ve had 3 classes this year structured completely around fan collections, with more to come.”

Jeremy B.

“Fans, some of you may not think so, but what you create, it’s part of our shared cultural history. It has value, it has merit, it has future significance. The fanworks you create – be it fanfic, fanart, vids, filk, whatever – are important, because to understand SF&F as a whole, we need to understand not just the creations themselves, but how those creations are received. How do you respond to them as fans? How do they inspire you? What makes you passionate about them and how do you express that passion? Without knowing that, we’ll never have the whole story. YOU are part of that story.”

If you missed our Open Doors panel chat with popular culture librarians, a transcript is now available. Plus, if you own physical format fan materials please read on! https://goo.gl/SJvw4u

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