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Well, December started and then exploded, so my posting meme went a little sideways. Which is par for the course with the beginning of any month. Maybe this is part of adulthood? Expect to have a quiet month, but everything gets ruined by REALITY? Well, that's what January is for, I suppose!

[personal profile] spindizzy asked, "How is being a freelance editor/blogger/columnist working out for you? Did you ever see yourself doing this?"

This is timely because my latest Strange Horizons article, Communities: Sign Up Here, has gone live. I talk about the parts of fanwork exchange cultures I'm familiar with (mostly Yuletide based these days) and talk about some of my favorite notable exchanges. Exciting!

Writing nonfiction for money was never actually an intention, but it's been surprisingly educational (maybe a little too educational? Crying forever over September 2013.) over the last year and change. It's harder than it looks to be thorough but concise. The Curse of Knowledge has plagued me from the beginning, too. If you see a fan writer out in the mainstream writing about fandom, know they are working really hard to balance contextualizing fandom in a way that non-fandom people can actually get. I have it easy, too. Strange Horizons exists in an online space where I don't have to stretch as hard to explain some concepts because there's some overlap between science fiction fandom and fanwork fandom there.

It's been an adventure, however, I don't think I would want to write nonfiction as a career. I over think things too much! I'm not in a great mental space for the inevitable Internet shitstorms that come along, either, like when a senior editor of a publishing heavyweight decides he wants to throw the bulk of his social capital at you via Twitter for daring to have a different fannish experience than him. Nonfiction is stressful because it means setting down an opinion and sticking to that opinion, and I so often worry about being wrong, or finding new information that changes my mind, that I'll probably never excel at it. But it's fun to contribute to on a low key basis. And I've gotten to know so many great people, like [personal profile] coalescent, who has been incredibly important to my SF history education. :)

So it's been fun, but I'm not really educated on anything other than my fannish experience to do it for other things right now. More time to write about robot parrots??

The City Rain by Gabyss-A (SFW)

Dec. 16th, 2014 08:51 pm
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Fandom: Bandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Gerard Way & Lola
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] gabyss-a

Why this piece is awesome: This is such a great piece. I love the ambiguous atmosphere of it. The way the darkness of the night and rain contrasts with the bright colours of Gerard's suit and hair and Lola's bright fur. And how Lola's happy cavorting in the rain juxtaposes with Gerard's hunched plodding under his umbrella.

Link: The City Rain
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Morning :)

I'm sure everyone/s familiar with the Women in Refrigerators idea, where a woman is tortured/harmed/threatened etc. to further a man's story. Has anyone read/seen a story where she is harmed because of him, he does rescue her, and yet it ends up propelling them both along? She gets revenge as well as he does, for example.

I went to a Hobbit marathon yesterday, saw Battle of the Armies for the first time. While I would have liked to see the younger actresses take a more aggressive part , there were at least three actresses who did, two of them main characters.

For some reason, this started me thinking about part of a story I wrote years ago that is WiR themed - she is tortured and dumped, and so he goes after her torturers. I do want to use this eventually; he very rarely shows emotion and he does in these scenes. Yet I know better now than to fall too far into a WiR scenario. But I'm iffy on how. Plotting is not my strong point. .

If I can get some ideas from reading, I'd have something for my brain to mull over until I'm prepared to dig up that story.

I may have to combine it with other bits and pieces, but I have enough on my plate that I've planned to be written first.

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I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to play DA:I for all three of my major canon universes. I probably would have anyway, but now I'm far more motivated to do so. Although which Inquisitor to match to which canon is still an open question. Also some thoughts on the romance so far.

Spoilers for Skyhold and Crestwood. )

TTD: Favorite Dragon Age Quests

Dec. 15th, 2014 12:25 am
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It has been a week full of dragons. Inquisition continues, of course; today we took a break of sorts from sidequests and worked through some plot stuff. I was also really active in the Flight Rising Battle Royale, which ended last night. I'm quite proud of Wind's third-place finish, even if jumping out the gate in second and holding it for a couple of days gave me secret dreams of nudging our way back up there. (Not first place -- I think we all knew that Light was almost certainly going to win.) It was pretty fun, and our strong finish does give me hope of winning future battles. I don't know that I'd want to see Wind become a dominance powerhouse like Ice or Plague, but it's nice to feel like we have a chance again.

And now we take a fond look back to where all this dragon business began, at least for me. Today's question comes from [personal profile] ossobuco, who asked me to talk about my "favorite quests in Dragon Age Origins & II, why they struck you or stayed with you, and (of course) what choices [my] Wardens and Hawkes made." (See all the questions, or ask one of your own!)

My favorite of the big plot quests in DA:O is Redcliffe and the Sacred Ashes. Cutting for length. )

In Dragon Age 2, my favorite quest by far is Legacy. More. )

B'tulot e03

Dec. 14th, 2014 02:45 pm
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This week on Maidens:

- Karnit has a really bad attitude for investigating the putative stalking, harassment and murder of a 15yr old girl
+ Ruthie is pretty wonderful with her brother's family and his daughter in particular
+ Translator lady is back! Her name is La'tai and she's awesome.
+ Shelly and Elinor hug, share a beer, and talk
~ Shelly confronts Hefetz; we meet his wife and son, and they have their secrets, too
~ The mystery around Noam intensifies...

(This episode is so, so much with the relationships between women. Sometimes friendly and sometimes antagonistic, sometimes caring and sometimes horrible, but always their own persons with their own agendas and priorities and histories. Also love the age range: we've got a little girl, 3 30-somethings, 2 ~40yr and 2 ~60yr olds.)

Content advisory. See above on Karnit's behavior. Caution advised for anyone with history regarding male-on-female sexual abuse (specifically of teenagers) and domestic abuse: the entire Hefetz family (his first name is apparently Menachem) are being Creepy and Disturbing. Caution also advised for a potentially upsetting depiction of a mentally disabled person. Spoilers under cut. ) And lastly, between Shelly's street-rat vocab and resident racist Vlad, both the c-word and the n-words appear.

Israeli note. Something that really stood out to me and I'm not sure how noticeable it'll be to persons not familiar with the way ethnicities work in Israel, is that the confrontation between Karnit and Shelly (specifically early in this episode) is a lot about them being Mizrachi women in a society where the privileged group are Ashkenazi men. There's specific language in Israeli vernacular to insult Mizrachi women as such, denigrating them as trashy, dramatic bimbos. If you think that's a pervasive perception used to belittle and dismiss the voices of Mizrachi women, you're correct. It's significantly less bad now, but it was probably absolutely horrible to Karnit as a younger woman. Karnit is coming across as someone who'd had to adapt in painful ways in order to earn her place (and who's showing the damages for that); Shelly insists on being accepted the way she is. (There's interesting meta with the Complicatedness of Elinor and Maya as depicted in this episode, but I digress.)

Streaming: here
How to download in Firefox here; a similar solution should exist for Chrome.
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Fandom: Leverage
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject:
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ:n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: DA
Why this piece is awesome: I love words as much as I love images and this puts them together in just the right way. Everything works here from image choice to color tone, from word choice to font. I'd love a series of these on my wall.
Link: Eliot Spencer

December Prompt Meme: Heraldic Gifts

Dec. 13th, 2014 09:23 pm
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My prompt for the 12th is from [personal profile] kowe: "If you could have one of the gifts/talents found in Mercedes Lackey's world, what would it be and why?"

Short answer: I wanna be a super-speshul little Heraldic snowflake with five Gifts!

Gifts and elaboration below the cut! )
turlough: Ray Toro onstage in Austin 28 April 2008 ((mcr) ray toro and his hair)
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Fandom: Bandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Ray Toro
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: pencils
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] tigerli-ly

Why this piece is awesome: This is such a great work. I love the Art Nouveau take on the Black Parade aesthetics, and Ray's sombre face. And the penwork with its shading and highlights is amazing.

Link: Take This To My Grave
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[personal profile] sathari asked for my thoughts on the Final Fantasy series, including a few specific titles.

I came to the Final Fantasy series, through my husband, T. He had started playing with FFVII, before I met him. Not long after we got together, he bought FFVIII, and he would sometimes play it when I was around, and I was interested to realize that there were video games in which story and character had so much importance (before that most of my experiences were with arcade and arcade-type games, and Civilization/Sim City/other world-building type games). FFIX came out after we moved in together, and I watched the entire time he played, like watching an 80 hour movie, and I got pretty invested in it. Finally, with FFX, for the first time he handed me the controller, and I was hooked: on FFX (which to this day remains my favorite game, not just in the series but of all time), on the Final Fantasy series, and on RPGs in general.

I love the same things about the series that most of its fans love: the characters, the settings, the stories they tell. As a newbie gamer, I appreciated being able to ease into combat via turn-based systems, and that my hand-eye coordination was not often tested (I'm better at that now, though still not great). I've played most of the numbered installments, although I'm still missing some earlier games and haven't ventured into the MMOs -- my biggest gap is FFVI, which I've started several times but never finished. Someday.

Thoughts on specific games behind the cut. )
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Today's prompt comes from [personal profile] edenfalling, and is technically Tuesday's prompt: Do your fannish reading and writing interests always overlap? If not, is there any pattern to their intersection or lack thereof?

This was tricky! )

This is a HUGE topic, and I'm trying to keep this entry from becoming so large it collapses under its own weight, so jump in and ask for clarifications if I've muddled something. Or tell me what your own reading and/or writing hot-buttons are, and whether they share certain features and how they diverge!
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So [personal profile] rydra_wong asked me how I learned to express my needs LIKE A MOTHERFUCKIN' ADULT:

I'd say there were probably some number of factors that I'm forgetting here, but here's my path )

There are a number of things I haven't mentioned—certainly keeping this journal has also been a way of learning how to communicate, navigating various interpersonal dramas in my history, etc etc.

In the end, it all came down to whether I wanted to continue having the communication skills of an angsty teenager. I had to have a reason to change, because it wasn't and likely won't ever be easy—but worth the hard work.

I know that if I want to act with integrity and live my life according to my values: being open, honest, and authentic—communication, a true communion— is the best way to do that.

December Prompts

Dec. 10th, 2014 11:01 pm
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I've fallen a bit behind on December Prompt Meme posts in the last couple days, but I plan to catch up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, everyone is still free to leave prompts if there's something you want me to babble about!

Smallville:Fan Poetry:Kent"raband

NSFW Dec. 10th, 2014 07:38 pm
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