Feb. 7th, 2016

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So, I am going to try this out. I can't make any promises about completing it the way I've thought of it, but my plan is to do a series of posts exploring the female characters in speculative fiction that catch my attention or stick with me. By fiction, I mean to include video games, books, and anime - maybe an occasional movie. I also plan to add to this with a series of paintings/drawings, since lately my interest has been with this type of fan art.

Each entry will start with a pretty spoiler-free section and then I'll discuss spoilers behind a cut.

Heartbreaker by cirruscastle on DeviantArt

Let's get started.

Transistor by Supergiant Games

Red is a famed lounge singer, who lives in the futuristic city, Cloudbank. At the beginning of the game she has lost her voice. She was attacked following a performance, and her unnamed male companion intercepted an attack from a strange looking sword. At the beginning of the game, Red pulls the sword, called The Transistor, from the body of her friend. The sword speaks with the voice of Red's male companion and is capable of downloading Functions, which allow it to perform different types of defensive and attacking actions.

As the two begin to traverse the city, they are attacked by The Process, a collection of robot-like enemies in palettes of white, black and red, who attack on sight. Although they look like robots, all of the language discussing them is framed as if they are computer programs.

A mysterious group called the Camerata seem to be behind both the attacks on Red and her unnamed male friend and The Process itself.

Game Style
The game is beautiful. It is clearly inspired by the "Golden Phase" of Gustave Klimt, with its gold leaf, and rhythmic patterns.

The music is beautiful. The vocal tracks are instrumental to understanding Red's motivations and thoughts, since she cannot speak in the game. With her brilliant red hair, I wonder if there's any link to Ariel and Disney's Little Mermaid.

Red is such an amazing character. To me she is not just a cliché. Red is a lounge singer, and a celebrity in Cloudbank. It would seem that it is unconventional for citizens of Cloudbank to undertake creative endeavors. The songs she sings throughout the game also show that she has a revolutionary bent even before the beginning of the game.

She is beautiful and practical. She traverses the game in the costume she was wearing to perform the night was was attacked, with the gold mermaid skirt torn short so she can move around more freely and her male companion's black jacket on her back. She is feminine and tough. She pursues her goals relentlessly. She is defiant even though the city is crumbling around her.

I hope this sparks your interest in the game!

Behind the cut, there will be spoilers Read more... ) I love plots that are not afraid to leave some ambiguity intact. It leaves me food for thought. I've been mulling the game over since I finished playing it last night and I enjoyed considering it while I went for a run this morning and listened to the glorious soundtrack. But I know some people hate an ambiguous story. If you're one of those people, then the game may not be for you.

P.S. The game is on sale on Steam right now for $5.49 CAD and the soundtrack for $2.74 CAD.

The Transistor Wiki was a huge help to me in writing this little piece.

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